TenX app UI enhancements ☝️

New transactions design

View all your past transactions on a new page that has a convenient Back to top button. Individual list items and details have also undergone a redesign for greater simplicity.

Incorporation of Karla TenX font

With this update we’ve incorporated our custom Karla TenX font into the TenX app for increased legibility and more unified aesthetic across the product and website.


You can now also pull to refresh data on the home screen.

Bug fixes 🐞🔨

Among other improvements, this new release enables new users to sign up for a TenX account more smoothly. For a small group of users who previously faced a disruption in performing account verification, this process is now frictionless.

How do I update my TenX app?

Since our migration to React Native and Expo, the TenX app (version 3.11.0 and above) now performs over-the-air updates. This means that for minor updates such as version 3.11.9, you no longer have to update the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Instead, you only have to open the drawer menu in the TenX app. Tap on the ‘Update available’, if any. The app will refresh for a second — that’s all the time it needs to update. Try it!

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