The TenX app just got a nifty lil' update to version 3.12.8/! Upgrade by tapping on Update available in your app menu. The latest version will also be available in the Google Play and App Store later on, here's a preview of what you'll be getting:

Whole new homescreen, baby ✨

We did some redecorating in the living room — you'll find a new design that allows you to access your BTC, ETH, and LTC wallets simply, shows your three most recent transactions with an option to view your complete TenX Wallet history, and leads you through the doorway to the TenX Dojo where you can learn more about cryptocurrencies.

Invite a friend (or ten!) 🎉

Now you can lead the revolution and introduce a friend to the TenX app by sharing your unique link. Pop open the hamburger menu and tap on Invite a Friend!

Improved account verification and app experience 👌

As account verification is a prerequisite for TenX Card orders and claiming of TENX Tokens and its rewards, we're continually working on making it as frictionless as possible for users – while still adhering to compliance with regulations, of course.

There are also user experience changes to various parts of the app, such as the added ability to enable/disable the passcode auto-lock: This lets you decide if you want to enforce a passcode for each time you open the app. When auto-lock is disabled, you'll only need to enter your passcode when performing significant actions such as showing your TenX Card pin.

We've been working on the app iteratively, and if you follow us closely you'll see that some features go from bare-bones to full-blown, and some others get scrapped along the way. It's all part of the #buidling and testing we do at TenX.

As always, user feedback is always welcome and we'd love to hear from you on any of our social channels and on the TenX Product Board — your direct line to the product teams here. 🎯