Send crypto in fiat amounts 🔃

We’ve heard you — you can now type in fiat or crypto amounts when sending crypto from your TenX Wallet. Simply tap on the 🔃 button to switch between the two.

Tap on the 🔃button to switch between fiat and crypto

You can send $15 worth of BTC or ETH to a friend so that they can order a TenX Card. Sending crypto to another TenX Wallet is completely free!

More ways to share your wallet address 📩

We’ve made sharing your wallet address more flexible so there’s no excuse to not be receiving crypto. 😛

Choose between copying your wallet address, sharing your wallet address through messaging and social apps, and using a good ol’ QR Code.

Quicker sign-ups for new users 💨

Signing up for a TenX Wallet account is quicker now that new users no longer need to verify their email addresses immediately. Email verification will still be required (just once, for your safety!) prior to verifying accounts, changing passwords, or funding deposits.

New navigation and icons 🆕

To make navigating the TenX app easier, we’ve added a new Card and Wallet tab navigation. A couple of icons have been updated too — can you spot them? 👀

Bug fixes 🐞🔨

As always, this release includes a whole lot of squash ’em bug fixes! Besides making the TenX app run smoother, these fixes consist of better support for older Android versions and optimisation of the account verification process, to improve acceptance rates of users’ identity documents and address documents.

How to get the latest app version

If you’re already on version 3.12.X, you’ll automatically be prompted to update your app whenever a new version is released.

Otherwise, tap on the hamburger menu. On the bottom left of the screen, you’ll be shown your app version (3.12.X) and whether an update is available. Tap on Update available to get the latest app version 3.12.3!

If you’re still on app version 3.11.X, you’ll first have to download the latest TenX app from the Google Play or App Store.