National ID support for account verification 🗺️

For users who need to verify your accounts for the TenX Card, TenX Wallet, or TENX Token, the latest TenX app now allows you to submit eligible national IDs in addition to your international passports.

We’ve listened to your feedback about the limitations of accepting only international passports, especially for community members who reside where passports are costly and less common.

The compliance and product teams have worked hard to accept as many national IDs as possible, please see this full list of supported national IDs for more information.

Infinite scrolling for transactions ♾️

You can now scroll, scroll, scroll and scroll infinitely through your TenX Card and wallet transactions, to your very first transaction with TenX.

This has been highly-requested especially by users who have been with us for a while now and have transactions dating back to 2017. Thank you for your patience!

Instant 2FA reset ⚡

A new addition to your settings menu is a Reset two factor authentication button.

If you need to reset your 2FA, tapping on the button logs you out and sends a 2FA reset code to your email. Simply re-login and enter this code to restart your 2FA setup! Full guide here.

Prior to this update, the customer support team had been receiving daily requests from users needing to reset their 2FAs. This update lets you reset it on your own and at your convenience.

How do I update my TenX app?

Since our migration to React Native and Expo, the TenX app (version 3.11.0 and above) now performs over-the-air updates. This means that for minor updates (version 3.11.xx), you no longer have to update the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Instead, you only have to open the drawer menu in the TenX app. Tap on the ‘Update available’, if any. The app will refresh for a second — that’s all the time it needs to update. Try it!

At TenX, we’re constantly trying to improve your app, card, and community experience. We always appreciate the constructive feedback and the occasional tough love. Thank you for being part of the TenX community!

If you have any further questions please…