At TenX we want to be as transparent and authentic with our progress as possible. Therefore we decided to give you regular updates through various channels:

Today I want to give you a few updates on what happened during the week after our successful PAY tokensale on June 24th: https://medium.com/tenx-wallet/reflecting-on-a-highly-successful-tenx-tokensale-b2705d593f1a


As you might imagine, the work load has been increasing on all of us a lot.

The 12 team members of us split their time in the following way:

Toby, CEO: working on all the 4,000 transactions making sure every single one has the appropriate PAY tokens associated to it.

Paul, COO: working on app layout with new currencies, UX, webupdates and working on further integration partnerships.

Mike, CTO: integrating currencies into our app and solving bugs.

Julian, CVO: hiring, speaking, communication, interviews, press.

Warren, operations: shipping thousands of cards

Bettina, HR: customer support & HR

Chris, CFO: exchange partnerships

Tuhina, trading: working on currency exchange improvements

Martijn, webApp: working on webApp

Lei, China correspondent: updating Chinese partners

U-Zyn, blockchain dev.: fixing back-end bugs with ETH, ERC20 and DASH

Ernest, content producer: Vlog & videos — also, make sure you check out this goodie:


We have also been adding new people to our team, that we introduce over the next weeks:

#13 Mike, who will be helping with the community on social media and slack, taking off work from Julian.

#14 Patricia (https://www.linkedin.com/in/patriciazinnecker/), who will help us with recruiting.

#15 Joel, who will build the customer support team, taking off work from Bettina.

Additionally we are in the process to on-boarding 2 front-end developers, a tech-support developer and a trading-desk integrator. We are also testing a new designer. Once any of these people are confirmed, we will let you know in our next updates. We are very confident, that we will soon be 30 A-players on our team. We have had dozens of hiring calls and meetings this week and we decline over 90% of the people interested as we truly focus on getting the best.

Right now, we are especially looking for:

  • Risk / Compliance Manager
  • AML specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Payment Integration expert
  • Developer
  • Accountant
  • another Chinese correspondant

If you are strong in any of these positions or you believe you can help in any other way AND you consider yourself an A-player who is a true go-getter, reach out and send us your CV: jobs@tenx.tech


If you are wondering what is the timeline of the tokens and how you can see them, watch this video:

If you missed out on the tokensale and you are wondering why, watch this video:

  • over 40,000 people tried to get tokens — 4,000 got some
  • we had over 1,000 requests per second on our website, 2 million requests on a single day and close to 15,000 GB of data


  • We are now shipping cards globally. We received thousands of orders before we decided to pause further orders until we have completed all the existing ones. So, please be patient until that is complete.
  • We currently offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 and DASH to our cardholders. Since we are doing a lot of testing, we do not offer all currencies to all users right now, but will roll them out over time. If you urgently need a specific currency, write a message to support@tenx.tech

Here you can see users showing off our cards in use:

We will let you know once further card orders become active again. Please be patient until then.


For those of you who contributed 25 ETH equivalent or more are eligible for the limited cards and those who contributed 1,250 ETH equivalent or more are eligible for the founder’s edition. Within the next weeks we will provide you with a website where you can fill in your transaction and your address where to send these cards to. Please take into consideration that this will take several weeks or months, since we want to focus on a few other things before that.


We already have 3 exchanges confirmed and we are waiting for final timelines of 2 other large exchanges. Once we have them, we will announce the date our token starts trading. It will definitely be happening within July.


  • Our tech team improved payment integration, settlement files and worked on edge cases.
  • Improved all our hot- and cold-wallet integrations.
  • Worked on API integrations with more exchanges.


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The author Dr. Julian Hosp is the co-founder of TenX and co-author of the whitepapers of TenX and COMIT.

TenX (www.tenx.tech) is a Singapore-based Fintech company that makes any blockchain asset spendable instantly by offering a debit card payment system to its users on the frontend and by connecting any blockchain at the backend through COMIT.

COMIT is an open source project that connects any blockchain without creating an extra token. Whitepaper: www.comit.network