In this initial issuance on 13 June 2019, we’ll be issuing approximately 37 million TENX Tokens to an estimated 4,400+ addresses held by 4,000 unique and verified users and counting.

If you’re eligible for the TENX Token and have successfully verified your address, here’s how you can check that you’ve received your TENX Tokens at your address(es).

How to check your TENX Token balance

  1. Connect your wallet to your selected interface
  2. Click the Add Custom Token
    Input token contract address: 0x515bA0a2E286AF10115284F151cF398688A69170
    Input token symbol: TENX
    Input decimals of precision: 18
  3. Click Add Custom Token or Next to complete

Note: If you’re using Metamask or MyCrypto’s interface, the token symbol and decimals of precision should auto-populate.

Once you’re done, you should be able to view your TENX Token balance on your wallet, just like you can for any ERC-20 tokens!

Visual guide for MyCrypto and MetaMask

Checking TENX Token balance on MetaMask
Checking TENX Token balance on MyCrypto

You may also view our open-source repository to take a look at the snapshot code.

If you have any further questions about TenX please…