For more information on the TENX Token and eligibility for issuance, refer to the earlier FAQ.

The TENX Token claiming process started on 25 March 2019. To learn more, please see the token claim guide.

When will the TENX Tokens be issued?

The TENX Token will be issued in Q2, 2019.

How often are rewards distributed?

Rewards will be determined every quarter by the TenX Board of Directors, depending on financial performance in the previous quarter and other relevant factors. We will then distribute rewards into the TENX Token smart contracts on a daily basis in the following quarter. Token holders can claim their rewards at any time.

When will a TENX Token holder start claiming rewards?

TENX Token holders can expect to start claiming rewards in Q3, with the amount of rewards being determined by TenX based on a consideration of the company’s financial performance and other relevant factors.

What currency will the rewards be paid in?

For the foreseeable future, we will be issuing rewards for the TENX Token in the form of PAY Tokens.

How will a TENX Token holder claim rewards? Are rewards received through the wallet(s) holding the TENX Token?

To claim rewards, TENX Token holders will need to interact with the TENX rewards smart contract. We will be releasing further information on how to do this shortly before the first rewards can be claimed.

Yes, rewards can only be received through the wallet(s) holding the TENX Tokens.

Will TenX receive rewards on its TENX Token supply/reserve?

Every TENX Token will entitle its holder to the same share of the rewards, including the tokens that TenX holds.

Can the TENX Token be transferred to another wallet?

Yes, the TENX Token, like any other ERC-20 token, can be transferred to other wallets.

Are holders of TENX Tokens obtained from secondary transfers eligible for rewards?

Yes, holders of TENX tokens obtained from secondary transfers are eligible for rewards that are accrued from the time of transfer, but the holder must successfully whitelist their address and go through account verification to claim their accrued rewards.

Important note: Rewards accrued before a transfer can only be received through the wallet that held the TENX Tokens prior to such transfer. Rewards are accrued and assigned to the new address only from the day they receive the tokens.

What happens to the unclaimed TENX Tokens?

We are committed to and focused on getting every one of our eligible token holders their TENX Tokens.

We will be announcing next-steps for unclaimed TENX Tokens at a later date.

See full Terms & Conditions of the TENX Token here.

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