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TENX Token Claim is now live 🎉

The TENX Token claim process officially started on 25 March 2019, and will be available until 26 July 2019 11.59pm (GMT+8).

It is a 2-part process involving (1) the TENX Token claim web app, as well as (2) the TenX app. For a smoother claim experience, please have these prepared:

  • TenX Wallet account with 2FA access
  • Signed message containing only your TenX registered email address
  • International passport or an accepted national ID
  • Proof of address (e.g. mobile phone bill or utility bill)

For more information on how to claim your tokens, check out the TENX Token Claim Guide. 👈

Have questions about what the TENX Token is? The TENX Tokens FAQ from December 2018 will help! We’ve also released a blog post on distribution and rewards.

Where to spot us next 👀

18 April 2019, Singapore: Block Live Asia

Catch Paul repping TenX at Block Live Asia’s panel on Powering Blockchain Communities, plus meet other TenXers at the TenX conference booth.

We’re setting up an entire Magic Internet Money experience — it’s going to be spectacular.

Block Live Asia is free to enter, get your free ticket here!

A TenX-branded Ledger, anyone? 🎁

A TenX Twitter contest is underway, and the winning Twitter post (and runner ups) will be decided by the most number of likes! ❤️

All you have to do is post to Twitter your most creative selfie with your TenX Card, using the hashtag #paywithTenX. Contest ends 15 April 2019.

TenX events recap

We started March with a TenX meetup in Hong Kong (ft. Circle, Digix, & The Floor), followed by:

  • TOKEN2049
  • #BUIDL x EthKL by CoinGecko
  • Paypal Demo Day
  • ZCoin Launch

Big thank you for coming out to hangout with us, we absolutely love meeting you folks and are already looking forward to the next meetup!

“#Buidl. That’s what we believe, and that’s what we’ll continue to do next quarter.”
- Paul, Co-Founder and CDO

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