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TENX Token Webapp 2.0 now live!

In addition to claiming TENX Tokens, you can now whitelist new rewards addresses using the upgraded TENX Token Webapp!

If either of these scenarios applies to you, please whitelist your new rewards address:

  • I want to transfer my TENX Tokens to a different Ethereum address and still be able to withdraw my rewards
  • I have obtained TENX Tokens from a secondary transfer (i.e. not from the token claim) and want to be able to withdraw my rewards

📖 See the full guide on how to whitelist new addresses.

Atomic swaps using COMIT now possible 🖖


Did someone say #connectalltheblockchains? After months of hard work, the CoBloX Team based in Sydney is proud to present a live testnet version of COMIT that makes atomic swaps possible.

What is an atomic swap? It is the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency without the need to trust a third-party. The testnet version of COMIT currently supports Bitcoin and Ether, with further support to be extended in the future.

🔎 Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to set up COMIT on your machine.

Read all about COMIT here.

TenX app version 3.12.3

If you’re already on version 3.12.X, you’ll automatically be prompted to update your app (over-the-air) whenever a new version is released. If you’re still on app version 3.11.X, you’ll first have to download the latest TenX app from the Google Play or App Store.

What’s new in this release

🔃 Send crypto in fiat amounts
📩 More ways to share your wallet address
💨 Quicker sign-ups for new users
🆕 New navigation and icons

See the full details of 3.12.3 here.

Now on Vimeo: TenX 4th Anniversary Meetup 📹

The full recording of the TenX 4th Anniversary Meetup is now available on Vimeo, our newest channel. Among other content, you’ll also find token-related explainer videos on the TenX Vimeo.

For full details of the announcements shared during the 4th Anniversary Meetup, see the blog post here.

Meet us this Aug/Sep! 🍻

Invest:Asia by Coindesk
11 September 11.00–11.30am, Singapore

Toby Hoenisch (Co-Founder & CEO) will be speaking at Changelog, a one-stop-shop for updates on all the development roadmaps for the projects that are driving the industry. The session will be hosted by Bobby Ong and the CoinGecko team.

Cross-Blockchain Development Meetup by CoBloX
22 August 6.30–8:30pm, Sydney

This is the first meetup on cross-blockchain development. The focus of this meetup will be Atomic Swaps, HTLCs and the COMIT protocol, an open-source protocol enabling the trustless exchange of digital assets. Limited tickets are available.

Building ÐApps #02: Solidity and Smart Contracts In-Depth
August 29 7.00–9.00pm, Singapore

Is building ÐApps your thing? Go beyond the basics of the Solidity language and dive into advanced topics around smart contract development with Yos Riady, a software engineer and blockchain expert at TenX. No experience necessary — bring your machine and get ready to #BUIDL! 💻
Free tickets are available.

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