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January has been a bumpy ride for us all, but it’s also been an incredible time. Here’s what we’ve done:

First Livestream Q&A of 2019

The first livestream Q&A of the year kicked off on 17 January, with Toby (Co-founder & CEO) speaking and Mike (Head of Community Management) moderating.

The much requested Q&A covered questions regarding the relaunch of TenX Cards, Julian’s departure, outlook for 2019, TENX tokens, and finally PAY tokens. TLDW? See the summary here.

Cards are live in Singapore!

As first announced by Toby on the livestream, TenX Cards are now live for all Singapore residents!

We started accepting account verification and card orders on 11 January 2019, and made the official announcement later when we were confident of the ordering experience.

Have you seen the #SoonIsNow launch video? 😉

Got your TenX Card? Let us know on social with #GotMyCard!
Otherwise, get your TenX Card now.

TenX Wallets on React Native

The TenX Wallet app has been running on React Native since December 2018. You should now be experiencing faster response times, quicker auto-updates, and a sleeker app experience.

Read the 2-part blog post by our Product Manager, Andric, on why and how we are embracing React Native for lean mobile development at TenX.

P.s. We’re still on the lookout for frontend developers passionate about and experienced in React Native!

Sydney, it’s a Valentine’s date!

We’re co-hosting a meetup with CoBloX on 14 February 2019 in Sydney, Australia. Come get not-so-romantic with us!

Full details here and tickets here. See you there!

TENX token issuance on track 👌

As documented in the TENX tokens FAQ here, the TENX tokens claiming process is on track to happening in Q1 of 2019.

Here’s an early release with more information about the claim process.

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