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Updates on the TENX Token

Extension of claim deadline ⏲️

We’ve been successfully verifying TENX Token claims since claiming started in 25 March 2019, and will be extending the token claim deadline by three months to 26 July 2019.

Let’s help each and every eligible community member claim their tokens! See the token claim guide here.

Distribution and rewards ✨

We’ve put together a series of FAQs about the distribution of and the rewards on the TENX Token:

TENX Token: Distribution and Rewards
The TENX Token claiming process started on 25 March 2019 and the deadline for claiming has been extended to 26 July…blog.tenx.tech

Testnet launch and open source smart contracts 🔗

We initiated a testnet on the Rinkeby Test Network from 4 April 2019 to 24 April, inviting bug bounty hunters to stress-test our token features and capture any critical bugs. Read more about it here:

TENX Token: Rinkeby Test Network Launch
TenX will be launching and issuing the TENX Tokens in the coming weeks. Prior to launching our much anticipated token…blog.tenx.tech

We’ve also made the TENX Token Solidity smart contracts open source! 🎉

TENX Token master post 👑

Since the TENX Token was first announced last year in December 2018, we’ve published various updates about the token’s key dates, claim process, issuance, rewards, and more.

You can find the list of complete official communication on the TENX Token in the master post:

TENX Token Master Post
List of complete official communication about the TENX Token, which was first announced on 11 December 2018.blog.tenx.tech

Livestreams in April 📹

Q1 Update by Toby and Paul

All 53 minutes of the TenX Q1 Update livestream co-hosted by Toby and Paul on 4 April are available on our YouTube channel. ☝️

TLDW? Check out the recap we’ve put together!

TenX x CoinGecko Livestream

Paul and Bobby share their insights on the trends and highlights of the cryptoasset industry in Q1, delving into the thorough Q1 Report by CoinGecko.

Q1 Product Update 🗞️

Fresh off the April press is the TenX Q1 2019 Product Update by our VP of Engineering and Product, Alvin Jiang:

Q1 Product Update
Hi Everyone!blog.tenx.tech

Reintroducing the TenX Product Board 📌

As we continue to build and improve on the wallet and card, we’d love for you to help envision and shape future features and experiences.

The TenX Product Board is your direct line to our Product team. Use it to rank features, submit your own ideas, and provide feedback.

Learn how you can help us make more impactful and beneficial product decisions at TenX:

Reintroducing the TenX Product Board
At TenX we’ve always taken community feedback seriously — you can engage with TenXers at any time on any of these…blog.tenx.tech

Now available: TenX app version 3.11.6 🆕

🤳 Improved account verification
💬 Better communication options
🐞 Bug fixes

Read more here:

What’s new: TenX app version 3.11.6
Improved account verification, better communication options for you, and a bunch of bug squashes. Read to find out…blog.tenx.tech

Where we might have met 🤩

Like the months before, April was very much fuelled by community events. Thank you for always being down to meet with us! 🙏

TenX x Wantedly Fireside Chat, 10 April


Embracing React Native for Lean Product Development, 16 April


Block Live Asia, 17 April


Bringing Cryptocurrency to Consumers, 24 April


Secret sauce to frontend engineering

Our best practices for frontend engineering at TenX, codified in a 7 minute read. Share it with a frontend developer you like!

Frontend Engineering Best Practices at TenX
Since launching the TenX app, we’ve been pursuing an initiative to standardize the frontend engineering practices…blog.tenx.tech

PS Seen our Game of Coins video? How many projects do you spot? 👀