While not official yet (we need to wait until we get the exact amount of funds from our Chinese partners in), we are very happy to announce that we have reached our 100k ETH (around 39 million USD) pre-funding goal for our PAY token presale within only 36hrs.

We have therefore paused accepting new confirmations of people interested in the presale. If you have an existing confirmation, you can still transfer your agreed funds until Wednesday June 14th 11:59pm EST.

If, after the final settlement of funds with our Chinese partners, we have a small opening to the 100K ETH, we will offer some small slots to people from the waitlist. So, if you are still interested to be part of our TenX Sale, send an email with your desired amount (min. 125 ETH) to tokensale@tenx.tech

We will then either confirm you in a couple of days or ask you to participate during the official token sale on June 24th.

Thank you all for participating and supporting the TenX vision.

Make sure you stay up to date by being part of our Slack group: http://ten-x.herokuapp.com