TenX, a Singaporean based company supported by PayPal, focused on making any Blockchain asset spendable instantly, has recently announced their initial token sale for the end of this June. TenX offers a debit card to its users who can then spend their crypto-assets anywhere in the world online and offline without any forex- or transaction fees. Especially noteworthy is their backend, which is based on the open source cryptographically secure, off-chain and multi-asset instant transaction network called COMIT that allows for any new Blockchain to be connected in a decentralized manner.

In March 2017 TenX already raised a 1 million USD round from famous investors such as Fenbushi Capital with Bo Shen and Vitalik Buterin. Now TenX is aiming to sell 20,000,000 of PAY tokens for an equivalent of 100,000 ETH in a public token sale. The funds will be used to offer TenX on Android, webApp and iOS and to also fully integrate COMIT into their service together with additional research projects. On YouTube one can already see videos of users spending Bitcoin, Ether and Dash in stores all over the world. The company’s vision is to make any crypto asset as liquid as a 10 dollar bill in your pocket by offering the most convenient way possible.

For further info and the official TenX whitepaper, visit their website at www.tenx.tech