Here at TenX we are constantly screening and working to prevent scam attacks to our users.

Today, we are reaching out with a Warning, so please read carefully:

A couple of hours ago malicious actors abused the Slack Reminder function to scam users.

If you receive a Direct Message/Notification/Email 
from “Slackbot” or any other user asking you to access ANY link,

Some Explanation what happened:
Multiple dApp Slack servers (in various companies) were affected by this attack. None of our internal bots/users have been compromised, however a build-in feature of Slack (the “reminder function”) has been misused. 
We are working on finding a solution to prevent this in the future.

We are constantly working on all ends to keep you guys safe however we might not be able to eliminate all scam attempts as scammers will try any angle to get to your funds.

Therefore, please make sure you follow these safety instructions:- Ignore Direct Messages telling you to go to ANY page. We will NEVER ask you to do so.
- NEVER EVER just CLICK links to sites where you have to enter your PRIVATE KEY from Slack, Twitter, Reddit Facebook or any else
- BOOKMARK your crypo pages. Check website links carefully.
- When in doubt, only follow instructions in our #announcements channel. All updates are posted there. If it’s not there, its not happening.

Big thanks a lot for all users jumping right in and assisting on notifying users.

Our Slack channel is a fantastic place to exchange and we are all working hard to keep it being a safe plattform.

For any questions feel free to reach out.

Stay safe & to the moon!

TenX Team