These questions will constantly be updated, please check back frequently.

I could not get PAY during the token sale. Will I have another chance?

Yes you do! Stay tuned as soon as we’ll get our PAY up on the exchanges, you will be able to get them though there.

I send my funds in on time but I still could not get in (error due to “bad instruction”). Why?

We understand that this might be upsetting, and we’d like to give you a rundown on our numbers. When the token sale got live we had around 40,000 people on our website accessing the token sale process at the same time. Around 4,000 people could get in until the hard cap of was fulfilled.“But I went with your recommendation of Gas & Gwei and I did everything correct…”
Yes, we understand that completely. The situation however is like you have a room with 40,000 people and 4,000 seats. It was impossible that you have a chair for everyone, even if you were on time.
We have no control over which transactions get picked first by miners.
See here our Video:

Why did you not recommend a higher/different Gwei/Gas?

Recommending higher Gas or Gwei from the start would have only resulted in the very same.Not recommending anything would not have helped either, as this would have resulted in people using the default (which is the same mostly again), ending up making a costly transaction mistake or not knowing what to do, resulting in asking us for a recommendation. However, as with any recommendation, everyone had the opportunity to choose differently.

My transaction got cancelled, but i still paid transaction fees?

Yes, you will always pay the transaction fees, this is nothing we can control, nor did we receive these funds. This is how the system is setup.

How was the token sale for your guys?

Checkit out here:

Why did you lock the #general channel on Slack?

Our Tenx-Bot got deactivated by Slack due to the message load and despite our efforts we were not able to delete all Scam Messages & Fake addresses anymore and secure the safety of our users.
To avoid users falling for wrong addresses and scams, we had to lock the channel short-term for security purposes.

How do I check my PAY token (ETH or ERC 20 Transaction):

If you contributed ETH or ERC 20 you can check your PAY token on our website after your contribution with your Transaction ID (TxHash) our tutorial on how to see your Transaction ID.

How do I check my PAY token (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash) — sign your message?

As we cannot send PAY to any Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash address, you have to verify ownership of your address (so we can be sure it is you) and let us know your ETH address with it. This is done with a signature.Please note this is not a time-sensitive matter. You are not going to miss out on your PAY if you are not verified.
1. Go to YOUR wallet: copy “from” address 
2. Look for and go to “sign message” 
3. Fill in from address 
4. Fill ETH address in message field (nothing else) — if you do not have an Ether Address, you will need to create one.
5. Sign 
6. Copy signature (begin to end, without your “From” address) 
7. Copy the “From address”, your ETH address and your signature (begin to end, except your “from” address)
8. fill in “From address”, “ETH address” and signature on our website ( Go to ( to verify.
We have special tutorials for some of the wallets:
General Tutorial
Ledger Wallet
After that you can see your PAY tokens with your Transaction Hash:
See our tutorial on how to see your Transaction ID.
Please make sure you do not have any spaces when filling it in, otherwise you’ll get an error.

I realized that my wallet doesn’t allow me to sign a message, what do I do?

2 Options:- You did send from an exchange or a wallet from where you do not control your private key: You will need to get in touch with the exchange or wallet directly to solve this.
- You control your private key: Please insert your private key into a wallet that allows to sign a message and do the process there.

How can I add the PAY Token to my wallet so I can see them?

We will issue the Token after the Token Sale and you can check your PAY tokens on the website ( private ERC20 Wallet that allows you to manually add Tokens can get and see our PAY, however we are working on getting the token integrated automatically with some of the wallets.
MyEtherwallet & ImToken are already integrated.

Can I already see my tokens in my wallet?

Depending on which type of wallet and method of contribution you chose you might already see your PAY in your wallet, however please note that you cannot move them at the moment. If you do not see your PAY yet, it will take a bit more time as we have to manually have them integrated.

Everyone however can already check their pay token balance already at

On which address will I see my PAY token?

You will see your PAY token on your ETH address where you sent from, or with which you signed your transaction with (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash).

When will the PAY token be tradeable & moveable?

We are planning to have our token trade- and moveable by August 2017. At the moment we are negotiating with various exchanges to have the token ready on there.

On which exchanges will you be trading PAY?

We are negotiating with all major exchanges. Please stay tuned for a final list. Our major goal is to bring the most value to our contributors.

What can I do with PAY tokens?

You can trade them from August 2017 onwards, or you could hold on to them. Holders of PAY tokens will receive 0.5% of the aggregate payment volume that is spent by all users with the TenX Card. The payments to the token holders will be paid in ETH (Ether), or the closest equivalent thereof in the case where ETH is replaced by another cryptocurrency in the future.

I could not take part, I only got an “Amazon error”. Why?

If you received an error, your IP most likely is in the US or Singapore. As per our Terms & Conditions, you could not participate.

I could not take part on the token sale. Can I still get tokens?

Yes of course. You will be able to buy PAY tokens at the exchanges from around August 2017.

For infos, where should I go first:

Our official Website:

Our Slack: