When it comes to community management and engagement, at TenX we believe in delivering the most value to our community members in a way that is natural and organic — because we come from the larger crypto community ourselves.

We do this by creating compelling content, having conversations, and nurturing the community to help us spread the message that the very mission of what we are doing is to make cryptocurrencies spendable.

We are doing everything we can to usher in a future where blockchain powers decentralised services, especially the internet of money for everyone. It will take a long time, but we are committed to making it a reality. Ultimately, we’re in it for the long game.

Here’s introducing our TenX Community Forum, and the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ behind it!

Our existing community channels

Rocket.Chat 💬

Rocket.Chat is a great way to instantly engage in real-time with the community and get immediate feedback. Admittedly, it is quite resource intensive on our team, as there are expectations to be responding 24/7, instantly.

Despite that, we still think it’s a great way to engage with the community and our advocates (shout out to the Revolutionaries!) to get quick feedback, or just simply hang out with a group of digital buddies. It’s like your home or your favourite bar/cafe, but virtual. It certainly is mine.

With Rocket.Chat, we also have better security, permissions and controls that allow us to protect our community from scam attacks and phishing from malicious users. For example, on our custom Rocket.Chat server, we have configured it to disable direct messaging to other users. This prevents impersonations and identity scams, which were prevalent back in 2017 and 2018 during the ICO heydays.

Reddit 📋

Reddit holds a special place in our heart because it is where a lot of us crypto enthusiasts started off learning about the larger crypto community. It’s where we get our news, our memes and ultimately our culture — they are built on daily threads and AMAs.

Places like r/Bitcoin, r/BTC, r/Dogecoin, r/Ethereum, r/ETHTrader, r/Cryptocurrency (amongst countless others) is where we crypto heads and Redditors congregate for our daily dose of community news and engagement. It will always make sense for us to have a presence there. r/TenX is very much a part of that and will continue to cater to those who prefer Reddit (I’ve never left and probably never will stop reading Reddit for all my news).

Forums in essence are very much a part of who we are in the crypto community. Going back to the days when satoshi himself still roamed the interweb, we saw the first crypto enthusiasts coalesce and congregate on the bitcointalk forum which he himself created! The community and culture of Bitcoin and the blockchain was born and propagated in online forums. It continues to this day.

The role of the TenX Community Forum

If you are wondering why we are creating a new community channel, aka another place to have to create an account amongst Reddit, Rocket.Chat and the other social media channels we already have, here’s why:

Preserve community memory 📜

We feel it makes sense that we capture and save our own institutional memory of who we are as a community in a forum that we can truly call our home. We want a repository that we inherently own, that will stand the test of time (so to speak), where we can have our memes and culture saved and stored through the passage of time.

Just look at this first post by satoshi back in 2009; that link is saved for posterity. If that was in a chatroom, how would anyone easily find it, let alone share or remember it as a historical record? Chat rooms are unstructured with discussions lasting a short period of time. They aren’t suitable for the long term storage of knowledge and information. Forums, on the other hand, allow for permanent storage of such discussions, thus easily serving as a historical record on the internet.

Build long-lasting communities 💪

We believe that instant messaging alone and a focus instant gratification isn’t the best way to build lasting communities. When it comes to building communities of scale, we believe that forums, with discussions broken down into logical topic areas and long-form content stored for long time and distribution allow for knowledge to be saved and information disseminated more efficiently to the community.

There needs to be a balance and perhaps a mix of both chat and forums, which should be tailor-fit for each community. There are different strengths and use cases for both channels, and having both at this stage of our growth adds the most value to the TenX community.

Help us understand you better 💡

There are obvious advantages to not having to rely on “borrowed platforms” like social media or forums like Reddit. With the TenX Community Forum, we will have full ownership and visibility over key metrics that can measure community health, engagement, and retention. This helps us to better understand you and continue producing and curating content that you’d like to see as part of the community.

House future AMAs & Q&As 🙋

We’d like to incentivise the community to participate more on our “owned” forum, and will be moving future AMAs and Q&A threads directly onto the forum to help furnish our new home: the place where our community can thrive and develop its own culture, our place of belonging.

Our Community Forum platform is powered by Discourse, a solution favoured by many tech and blockchain communities that have recognised the importance of what we discussed earlier. Check out their website and feature list to learn more about what it has to offer.

Long story short, we love it because as a forum it’s quick, modern and mobile-first. Other tech and blockchain communities that have adopted it include Binance, Aragon, Status, Brave Browser, Rocket.Chat and Hacker Noon, to name a few.

Please head on over to our new Community Forum and let us know what you think. Let’s continue to build and strengthen the community together!

- Mike Ferrer, Head of Community Management

If you have any further questions about TenX please…