Disclaimer: We remit the following instructions only as guidance for the Contribution Period. Contributors should do their own research and not rely solely on material we are presenting. We make no representations or warranties that the following material is complete or accurate, or that or any associated software or service will be reliable or function as described.

As such, contributors assume all risks associated with the use in connection with the Contribution Period. For the terms and conditions concerning the PAY token sale please visit https://tenx.tech

In order to sign a message, select the Account in TREZOR Wallet and press Sign & Verify in the top right corner. You should see a page like this:

1. Signing the message

Type in your ETH address (where you want your PAY to be sent to) into the Message field, then copy & paste the particular “From” address into the Address field and confirm by clicking on Sign.

2. Confirming the signature on your TREZOR

Check the text of the message on your TREZOR’s display. If the text is correct, press the right button on your TREZOR to ‘Confirm’.

Once you have confirmed the signature on your TREZOR, the signature will appear on the screen:

3. Paste your signature & details in the designated fields on our website.


What to do next?

Keep an eye on our Social Media Channels and join our Slack if you are not in there yet:
https://ten-x.herokuapp.com/The PAY tokens will be released 48 to 72 hours after the token sale.
You can use any wallet where you hold your private key. However, your wallet might not be able to show the token, which also means you cannot trade the tokens from there. So what you would then need to do is insert your private key in a wallet that can (f.ex. MyEtherWallet). But the tokens would definitely be there.