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You can sign any message from one of your addresses, which proves the message was signed by the private key associated with that bitcoin address. This way you can prove ownership of a private key over a certain address and is the same like proving ownership of the address itself.

We might ask you to go into this feature and take a screenshot, because it will display all addresses your wallet has used up to this point.

It can be accessed via the Accounts tab, select any Account and press the Sign Message at the top.

If you have a PIN set it will ask you for your PIN before showing you all addresses created by your wallet.

photocredit: mycelium.com
photocredit: mycelium.com

Choose the address you would like to sign a message from, in the next prompt type in your ETH address you would like to get your PAY tokens to.

Use the buttons to copy message to clipboard or to share further.

Copy the Signature and post it together with your BTC and ETH address (that you just used in the signature message into the form on our Website:


Where to go from here?During the Token Sale Period, our Slack will give out all official infos on the #announcements channel. If you have questions, you can ask on the #general channel.
When can you see your PAY tokens?
The PAY tokens will be released 48 to 72 hours after the token sale.
You can use any wallet where you hold your private key. However, your wallet might not be able to show the token, which also means you cannot trade the tokens from there. So what you would then need to do is insert your private key in a wallet that can (f.ex. MyEtherWallet). But the tokens would definitely be there.
You can check your token balance on the Token Sale website anytime under “Check your token balance” with your transaction ID (TXHash).