Please check back more often, as we’ll update those FAQs frequently.

When will the trading start?
Friday, 7th July 2017, 4PM UTC on Bittrex

When can I see my token in my wallet?
Everyone still waiting on tokens (presale and non-eth) will be receiving tokens at the same time they’re transferrable. The reason for this is that they can’t be transferred out of the contract before this time. All of the transactions are ready and will be automated at the unlock time. As soon as you see the tokens appear in your wallet, they are ready to trade.

How to see the tokens in my wallet?
MEW (MyEtherWallet) & IMtoken have them already integrated — other wallets can be integrated with the formula below, or move your ETH account to for example MEW. More wallets will follow.

What if I cannot see the PAY in my wallet after Friday, 4PM UTC?
Please check if your wallet allows to add ERC20 Tokens manually.
If they do, please add our Token contract 
Address: 0xB97048628DB6B661D4C2aA833e95Dbe1A905B280 
Token Symbol: PAY 
Decimals: 18 
Token Name: TenX Pay Token

What if my wallet doesn’t allow to add ERC20 into my wallet?
You need to export your private key and import into a wallet that allows you to do so (for example MyEtherWallet).

If I want to transfer my PAY what do I need to keep in mind?
You need ETH to transfer PAY to pay for the Gas.
Do NOT hold PAY on an exchange as you will not be entitled to get your rewards on there.

I couldn’t sign my address yet — will I lose my PAY tokens?
Of course not. Every person that has this issue will be able to still hand in your signature and get the PAY.

How many PAY tokens are there now?
However only 51% are in circulation as per our Whitepaper:


Which exchanges can I trade PAY?
TenX PTE LTD is endorsing Bittrex exclusively at the moment, as we wanted to launch with one of the biggest ones now.We are working to to expand to more exchanges in the near future.

What is the PAY symbol going to be called on Bittrex?

What will PAY be traded against? 
BTC and ETH.

I did not get the chance to get PAY at the token sale, can I get it on Bittrex?
Yes of course you can! If you can get an account on the exchange you can buy PAY there.

Are Americans allowed to buy on Bittrex? 
If you have a Bittrex account, you can.


What wallet supports rewards from PAY token?
PAY is build on Ethereum (ERC20 Token). So you’ll need to use an Ethereum/ERC20 wallet.
You HAVE to use a wallet where you control your private key.

When can I get the rewards?
The rewards will backdate from June 24th 2017, token sale time. 
We will start paying the rewards at a nearer future date, however we will not announce officially to avoid gambling and we believe that PAY are for long term holders (as we are the same) as this aligns with our CORE values.

Can I hold my PAY on an exchange?
If you hold PAY tokens on an exchange, you will NOT get rewards there. You have to hold your PAY in a wallet where you hold your private key. It’s not possible on an exchange due to the private/public exchange situation. (comparable when you stake a currency).

Someone bought PAY for me. If he/she trades them to me as soon as the PAY are moveable will i get reward for time back?
Yes you will.

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Where can I go for further infos:
Checkout the stream of Julian’s Facebook Live on 7th July 2017:

TenX Whitepaper: https://www.tenx.tech/whitepaper/tenx_whitepaper_final.pdf



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