Who is TenX?

We are a Singapore based company, with strong industry support having graduated from the PayPal startup incubation program. The team also won first place at the DBS Blockchain Hackathon as OmniChain. We have successfully completed beta testing with 1.000 users in Singapore as well as further beta testers in all major countries giving a multi-blockchain debit card and mobile wallet to our users who can then spend their crypto-assets anywhere in the world online and offline without any forex- or transaction fees. (So yes, we already have a working product).TenX is further developing COMIT in parallel to use in our backend, which is a Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction network that leverages Hashed Time Lock Contracts, Payment channels, and Liquidity Providers to create a decentralized network of cross-chain asset conversion. (http://comit.network)

I want to get the TenX Card — how can i get it?

At the moment we are offering our App on Android & iOS (WebApp will follow soon), you can simply download from the PlayStore or AppStore. We are planning to have our cards ready to be shipped out globally (excepting US and US sanctioned Countries) before the token sale. Please check your App for ordering the card before the token sale.

What are the fees of the Card?

Please visit https://support.tenx.tech/hc/en-us/articles/115000986011-Are-there-any-fees-for-using-the-TenX-Card-and-Wallet-app-

Can I pay the card fees in Crypto?

For sure! We are not accepting nor storing any Fiat at this moment.

Where can I read about the Terms & Conditions for the Cards?


In which countries can I use the TenX Card?

You can use your card anywhere where Mastercard or Visa is accepted. Not included are US sanctioned countries. Issuing in the US is part of our road map, but just can’t be supported initially. You can view all countries we ship to (and not ship to) here: https://support.tenx.tech/hc/en-us/articles/115000889952

Which exchange rate do you use?

We allow users to keep their funds in Crypto until the very moment of their purchase with our cards. At this moment the necessary amount will be converted into Fiat money (USD, EUR etc) at the best available market rate.

Do you require KYC/AML for the Card?

Yes, TenX operates within standard KYC and AML guidelines.If you want to spend more than 2000$/2500EUR lifetime, you need to fulfill the KYC/AML requirements in order to raise your limit.

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