2018 has admittedly been a hell of a year, but we’ve been pushing and working hard to fulfil the OKRs we announced earlier in Q2.

We’re excited (and honestly, relieved!) to be able to tell you at this time that we’ve achieved all 4 OKRs we had set out to do.

OKR 1: Company Restructuring

It has always been important to us to have a good governance structure at all levels of TenX. This is so that we can build a sustainable long term vision while withstanding cyclical crypto winters and beyond, so that there are financial checks and balances, and also so that employees are remunerated fairly.

We are concluding 2018 having initiated processes for:

  1. Efficient group structure
  2. Early investors to receive their shares
  3. Employee stock options for long term view
  4. Improved corporate governance
  5. Remuneration committee
  6. 4 year fiat-runway in worst-case scenario

OKR 2: Beta version of COMIT

COMIT is an important cornerstone in our greater mission to building the very fabric of the decentralised future.

The CoBloX team has made incredible advancements in the past few months. COMIT can now perform these Atomic Swaps:

  • ETH — BTC
  • ERC-20 — BTC
  • ERC-20 — Lightning (This is a world’s first!)

COMIT will be open source by Christmas, and the CoBloX team will provide a more detailed update about their progress over the next few days.

OKR 3: When Cards?

Losing all of our cards in January 2018 was a setback, but we’ve not compromised on our standard for quality over quantity. We’re still committed to creating a seamless spending process that is easy, convenient, and fast.

We’ve been testing cards internally for months now, and will be starting to roll out cards in phases. KYC checks will begin on Wednesday (12 Dec) for the first batch of people, who can expect their cards to arrive around Christmas, depending on shipping speed.

The TenX Cards will be available first in Singapore, with Asia-Pacific following shortly after and Europe later next year.

OKR 4: When Rewards?

Finally, today we are introducing the new TENX rewards token — an ERC-20 rewards token on Ethereum with features of ERC-1462, that will be issued to eligible members of the TenX community.

For further information on eligibility requirements, please refer to this FAQ, which gives you an overview of the new rewards token, dives into specific questions you may have, and addresses what it means for you as a token holder.

We really thank you for sticking with us throughout the last year. We value the dedication that much of the community has shown us.

If you have any further questions please…