To ensure clarity and adequate preparation for the TENX token claiming process, we are releasing instructions for the claiming process in advance, ahead of the claim process. The steps laid out below will be actionable by you beginning from March.

There are two distinct events in claiming your TENX tokens:

  1. Ethereum address verification
  2. Account verification

Ethereum address verification

The purpose of verifying your Ethereum address is to authenticate the ownership of your Ethereum address that was part of the TENX token snapshot taken on 30 December 2018.

What you’ll need:

  • TenX Wallet account
  • To sign a message with your Ethereum address that was part of the TENX token snapshot, and to save the generated signature. 
    11 Feb Update: Full guide and FAQs on this here.

For this sign message, you may use any nickname of your choice, and input any message you’d like — as long as you remember to copy the full generated signature text from signing the message. It serves as a ‘receipt’ of your message.

Sample template: “My name is _______ and I am signing this message to participate in the TENX token claim.”

Note: We will never ask for your private key. Please do not post or share your private key anywhere.

Account verification

Once you have successfully completed the verification of your Ethereum address, the next step is to perform account verification on the TenX Wallet app. This helps us to verify your identity and country of residence.

Note: If you have completed account verification for your TenX Card in 2019, you will not have to repeat account verification.

What you’ll need:

For more information on the TENX token, refer to the full FAQ here.

If you have any further questions please…