The internet is a free world where any project can claim to be affiliated with larger companies. This can make it confusing and dangerous for crypto consumers and token holders, and it is hence extremely important to always authenticate any such claims.

In place of a virtual 23andMe to verify virtual ‘lineage’, here are the 3 best practices to keep you safe:

1. Check the official parent website

The official website is typically the source of truth for a company. Check the parent website for direct links to verify any claimed affiliation. As a rule of thumb, a project is affiliated with the company only if you can click to it from the official parent website.

On our website tenx.tech, we link to external websites such as CoBloX and the COMIT Network, and our third-party platforms such as the Product Board, Rocket Chat, Community Forum (new!), and Support Center.

Important: Always check links from the parent website and not from the other external website.

2. Ask the moderators on official company chats or forums

The official chats and forums of TenX are Rocket Chat, Community Forum, and r/TenX — all of which have active, helpful moderators who will be happy to verify whether an external website is affiliated to TenX.

Ensuring that you are on the official community platforms is vital. A good practice is to use the official website to click to the chat or forum.

3. Contact official Customer Support

When in doubt about any external websites claiming to be affiliated to a parent company, contact the parent company’s official Customer Support.

If you have any further questions about TenX please…