Web3 Business Models in the Wild

By Alex Hoffman at MetaCartel, previously from ShapeShift

"We’ve seen a boom of dApp creation over the past few years. Increasingly, dApp developers are looking for ways to monetize and establish a viable revenue model.

We’ve compiled a few top business models currently used among dApps to help you get started on a path to monetization and sustainability."

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Smart Wallets are Here

By Eric Connor of Gnosis

"At the core of everything we do on Ethereum, whether it’s sending ETH to a friend, taking out a loan on Maker or buying digital art on OpenSea is the concept of an account. An account on Ethereum holds everything we own, allows us to interact with the network and gives us an identity. This account is identified with a 42 character string of numbers and letters, prefixed with 0x.

Since 2017, Ethereum has seen an explosion in unique accounts created on the network. At this point in time there are 71,000,000 unique accounts and that number is growing at a pace of 70,000 per day. At the same time, these accounts are securing nearly $40,000,000,000 in value between ETH and ERC20 tokens. With the rapid pace of adoption and wealth, we should make sure that we are using accounts to the best of their ability."

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Ethereum: The Digital Finance Stack

By David Hoffman, Editor of POV Crypto, RealTPlatform, and kahunaplatform
Ethereum is a set of layers that build on top of each-other. Each layer provides the foundation and the stability for the layer on top of it to express itself effectively. Each layer also has its own metric that builds, and responds to, the market forces inside the Ethereum economy.

"Ethereum is a platform, built to support a financial super-structure. User behavior in this super-structure creates forces that push and pull on the assets that run inside it. Metrics found at each layer of the financial stack will illustrate the economic state of Ethereum."

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Bitcoin Did The Things That Didn't Scale Initially, Which Is Why It Remains The King Today

By Anthony Pompliano on Off The Chain, a daily newsletter for crypto investors

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