We have some exciting news to share. As we have communicated roughly 2 weeks ago, our legally mandatory update has successfully completed. Furthermore our team has been working tireless and so we are thrilled to tell you that we have now integrated Ethereum into our TenX Wallet. TenX is thereby the first wallet integrating ETH directly without any 3rd party provider. DASH is in the final stages and we are doing final tests right now. It should be live next week. Woohooo!

We were asked by our debit card provider to roll out everything in Singapore first, as these new currencies have not been integrated directly with them before. So, if you are in Singapore, please try our new features (feedback always welcome!) and if you are outside, we are looking forward to bring it to you as well step by step. Please be a bit patient for the global roll out, since we are breaking new ground with our product.

We will also be announcing the closing of our 1 Million USD Seed round investment with some exciting strategic partners soon.

For any questions please contact our team at: support@tenx.tech

TenX is a Singapore based FinTech company, supported by PayPal, focused on connecting private and public blockchains to a single large network called COMIT and thereby making any payment easier than sending a text message.